Discipline is not just a moral value but it is the most powerful virtue that is necessary to be successful in life. One cannot achieve the goals of life without being disciplined. However, discipline is not learned in a day. It takes years to acquire this trait and the best time to learn discipline is right from childhood.

Discipline fosters creating stronger bonds among the students, among students and teacher, student and parents, etc., along with valuing the limits of the relationship. For example, a child knows about his bond with his teacher and he even knows the limit in which he has to behave when interacting with a teacher.

 Rules and Regulations:

  • The scholars have to follow the time table strictly.
  • The scholars must be dressed in the prescribed school apparel (uniform/track suit) throughout the day.
  • All rooms are equipped with individual bunk (double-storied) beds. Scholars sharing a dormitory have to be friendly, helping and cooperative.
  • It is compulsory for all the scholars to have all their meals in the dining hall. Scholars are not allowed to carry meals into their rooms except in the case of illness, in which case prior permission from the concerned warden is required.
  • Every scholar is bound to offer the five time prayers in congregation.
  • Scholars are not allowed to keep any electronic items such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, FM Radios, Video Games, Smart Watches, etc., in their possession. No such claims as to the loss or damage of such item shall be entertained under any circumstance.
  • Scholars are not allowed to keep valuable items such as Jewelry or Cash in their possession. No such claims as to the loss or damage of such item shall be entertained under any circumstance.
  • In case, a scholar is found to have been in possession of any valuable items or electronic items, the same will be seized immediately and the scholar shall be fined or expelled from the school or both depending upon the severity of the transgression and as decided by the School Disciplinary Committee.
  • The parents/guardians are allowed to meet their wards only on Sundays and any such requests shall not be entertained on any other day unless there are compelling reasons.
  • The scholars are allowed to speak to their parents/guardians only a pre-determined day and no calls shall be entertained except on the pre-determined day.
  • Scholars desirous of availing leave from classes or to go home whatever the reason shall apply in writing giving reasons for the same to the Principal through the Chief Warden/Public Relations Officer.


A boarding student is liable for disqualification from the school in case of repeated or gross misconduct, immoral activities, indecent behavior, unlawful and illegal activities and shall include the following:

  • Use of any gadget, electronic or electric appliance.
  • Holding unauthorized meetings and demonstrations.
  • Any form of gambling or bargaining in or outside the campus.
  • Behaving in a pervasive manner so as to cause physical or mental torture to any fellow student or a member of the staff.
  • Consumption of intoxicants in any form in or outside the campus.
  • Obscene or Immoral activities/discussions, cursing, investigating or provoking.
  • Intentionally raising political, regional or religious issues to hurt the sentiments of fellow students,
  • Unauthorized departure from the campus or by giving slip to the ward and watch of the school.


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