Examination System


To assess the progress of each student, regular unit based formative assessments are given to the students. In accordance with the curriculum framework devised as a result of the NEP-2020, Six (6) Formative Assesments (FA) of five (5) marks each are given to the students.


In addition to the formative assesments, twenty (20) marks in each of the six compulsory subjects have been earmarked for Co-Curricular Activities such as participation in inter-school competitions, participation in school competitions, participation in sports and cultural activities, Attendance, Discipline, Health and Hygiene.


Besides these Formative Assessments (FA), Summative Assessments (SA) carrying fifty (50) marks at the end of the academic year are given to the students in order to identify the potential learners.


MARKING SCHEME: Formative Assesment (6x5=30) + Co-Curricular Activities (20) + Summatiev Assesment (50) = 100.


No special arrangements for examination are made for the students who willfully remain absent from the term examinations. Potential learners are identified after the formative and summative assessments and remedial classes are planned for these potential learners in line with the National Education Policy-2020.


The results of the examinations are communicated to the parents by way of progress reports.



Promotions are decided in consultation with the subject teachers at the end of the academic year. Promotion is granted on the basis of marks obtained in the six formative assesments (FA) and the year end summative assessment (SA).


Absence in any examination is considered as having obtained NO MARKS in it.


The minimum pass marks in each subject is 33%. Annual awards and prizes are distributed on the basis of the overall performance of the students. 


The result declared at the end of the academic session is final and cannot be reconsidered under any circumstances as it gets countersigned by the concerned Zonal Education Officer and Chief Education Officer.


A student who resorts to malpractice in any examination is awarded zero marks in that particular subject. Repeated incidents of malpractice may lead to discharge of the student from the school record.


The answer sheets are available to the parents for rechecking /reevaluation for a period of one week from the declaration of final result against a pre-determined fee.

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