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Examination System

Examination System

To assess the progress of each student in the various subjects, regular cycle and unit tests are conducted in the school. Besides these tests, examinations are conducted at the end of each term.

The first terminal examination is held in the month of June. It includes the portion of the syllabus studied in the class from November to May. The second and final terminal examination is generally held in the month of October. This examination includes whole syllabus taught in the academic year, unless otherwise is communicated by the School.

Special arrangements for examination cannot be made for pupils who, for any reason, are absent from any of the test examination. The results of these tests and examinations are communicated to the parents by means of progress reports. They are requested to sign and return them to school within three days of issue. The students are liable to be punished with expulsion in case of undue delay in returning the progress report or returning them after tampering with marks or with forged signatures.


Promotions are decided in consultation with the teachers at the end of the academic year. Promotion is granted on the basis of marks obtained in all the examinations as well as the tests, the general work of the whole year and behavior. The result declared at the end is final and cannot be reconsidered. In deciding the promotion of the student, marks of the Term-I and Term-II examinations, will be taken into consideration. The minimum pass marks in each subject will be 40%. Annual awards and prizes will be given on the basis of total marks obtained in all the examinations. Absence in any examination will be treated as having received NO MARKS in it. No application for the consideration of the case of pupil who has been detained in class will be entertained since the promotion is announced after a very careful scrutiny of the valued answer scripts and entry of marks by the Principal and the staff.


A pupil who resorts to mal-practice at an examination will be awarded zero in that particular subject. This may even lead to the dismissal of the pupil from the school. All the answer sheets of any test assignment will be filed together and will be showed to parent on the result day of term examinations and the same will be handed over at the final result. However, it will not contain the final answer sheets.

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