History of scholars' school

Scholars School was established in 2001 and is a unique upcoming school with the vision and mission of producing Scholars, who can contribute to the society. The curriculum is framed in such a manner so as to lay an equal emphasis on English language, Science and Mathematics with Moral and Religious education.

Our school has highly motivated and dedicated staff members who work round the clock with unrelenting zeal and spirit. We have created an environment in the institute where our students feel easy to converse in English and at the same time they are good Qari’s of Qur’an and study Tafseer and Hadith continuously. We at Scholars’ school are always in an endeavor to inculcate habits of truthfulness, straight forwardness, simplicity, helpfulness and hard work, which are the qualities of success for any nation.

Scholars’ school is a unique and upcoming institute of Human Resource Development. Its three different wings cater to both the rural and the urban areas. Mainly covering the far flung areas, who are devoid of such quality education and boarding facilities. The special moral approach adopted helps the students to adjust with each other as well as to the environment in a very comfortable manner. It is firmly embedded in the mind of scholars as well as teachers/wardens that only finely made building material do not make beautiful buildings, rather it is the expertise of builders to make homes out of material which other people find out of use or less refined. Definitely, a lot of patience and love goes into the latter, but the satisfaction of having an inexpensive home cannot be compared to that of costly buildings. Our school is the   epitome of that inexpensive but a very warm home. The institute combines the methods of personality development, social adjustment, self-confidence and psychological wellbeing to embed a scholastic attitude in its students.

At Scholars’ School, special emphasis is laid on communication in English language. Fortunately or unfortunately, it has been made mandatory for young people to start life on a diet of English language. Anyone not adhering to this dictum is strangely looked down upon, however, apart from English we lay emphases on Urdu, Kashmiri and Arabic. Yet all the subjects are taught in English and the students are encouraged to reply in English language. Any subject teacher concerned also takes care of the language up to the best of his knowledge and limitations of time.


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