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LEAD Powered Schools
Deliver Excellent Education

Description: International Standard Curriculum

International Standard Curriculum:
The highest quality curriculum benchmarked with Singapore, US, and Canada education systems accessible to your child irrespective of their location.
  • Learning at par with Singapore, Canada and USA
  • 5 times better learning

Description: Smart Classrooms


Smart Classrooms:

Audio-visual content and grade-wise activity kits don’t just make learning fun for your child, but also help in better understanding of concepts.

  • 100% Smart Classrooms
  • Smart TV with Audio Video-Lessons
  • Grade-wise activity kit

Description: Super Teachers

Super Teachers:

Fully certified and trained teachers equipped with the latest educational resources ensure your child’s learning is always on track.

  • Fully Trained & Certified teachers
  • Tablet with readymade resources
  • Personalised attention

Description: World-class Learning @Home


World-class Learning @Home

The LEAD Student App ensures learning never stops and parents become an involved part of their child’s learning.


  • Access to 100% Classroom Content
  • Practice with friends and earn points
  • Explore world’s best learning program


  • Dedicated “Parents” section to track your child’s progress
  • Measure academic performance
  • Receive school notices

Description: Unlimited Exposure

Unlimited Exposure:

Students get to attend Master Class with renowned personalities and participate in national-level competitions that ensure your child undergoes holistic development.

  • Celebrity Master Classes
  • India’s Biggest Student Championship
  • Student-Led Conferences
  • Scholarship Opportunities


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  +91 9797 159482
  0194-2437181, 0194-2954852
 Budshah Nagar, Stadium Colony, Natipora, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190015

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